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Digital Printing


We can output your poster or banner artwork digitally onto paper, vinyl or canvas in many sizes using one of our many large format inkjet printers or directly on to a thicker substrate such as styrene sintra or coroplast. Electronic art files can be provided to us by email, disc or via our FTP server. Our in house art department can help create and trouble shoot any artwork needed to print your final job.

Screen Printing Screen Printing


In certain applications screen printing is still the best way to produce large and custom types of marketing, especially where weatherproofing and durability are a concern. Screen printing also offers the opportunity to use a variety of different ink types such as metallic colours, glow in the dark and scratch off.

Die Cutting Die Cutting


Having the ability to do CNC and die-cutting in house opens up a wide variety of marketing possibilities and eliminates the need to print here and cut there. We are able to print and cut to our clients exacting specifications on site to create some of the most innovative collateral imaginable. The possibilities are limitless.

Cnc Cutting Cnc Cutting


We have a large format router table that can cut almost any material and up to 6 inches in thickness.This is a unique machine with unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating custom signage and display materials.

Vinyl Banners Vinyl Banners


One of the most common forms of advertising we can produce vinyl banners in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most commonly used for out of doors applications, these banners are durable and weatherproof and when required we can add grommets to use for hanging them.

Freezer Clings Freezer Clings


This is a peel and stick option for application to most glass and metal surfaces. Especially usefull where advertising space is limited and where product placement focus is required. Great to showcase product features and benefits as well as price and special discounts.

Backlit Graphics Backlit Graphics


Printed on a substrate that can be lit from behind to add that extra amount of pop to your advertising. Anything from a simple graphic map to a complex piece of artwork or photography, this is highly visible way to get your message across in low light or no light environments.

Transit Shelters Transit Shelters


Posters, banners, wraps, backlit graphics and anything you can think of tht would hang in a transit shelter we can produce it. If you have ever stood around waiting for a bus or for the SkyTrain you have definitely seen some of our work.

Sandwich Boards Sandwich Boards


One of the most common forms of advertising, sandwich boards are highly visible and can be positioned wherever potential customer traffic may flow. We have many different styles and formats to choose from or create your own custom design and size.

Store Fronts Store Fronts


A variety of different types of printed items can be used to build a dynamic store-front. Whether it be a vinyl wrapped awning, hanging banners, window clings, mdf cutout characters or a simple sandwich board, we have the skill and resources to make your establishment come to life.

Design Services Design Services


Hazzard Screenprinting has experienced designers on staff to take care of your every artwork or electronic file requirements. We can help create your designs or do the prepress for those that you provide to us for printing. Either way you can be sure to get the results you desire. Send us your MAC or PC files via FTP, email or on a disc, we accept most file formats.

Shipping and Logistics Shipping & Logistics


Hazzard Screenprinting has provided quality printed materials for small to large clients across North America and has been able to deliver these items using their own shipping methods or by working with each clients own means of logistics.